If you are on this page, it’s because you accepted to participate to our musical podcast and just for that, we say thank you 🙏

Promoting ambient music to French speakers is one of Ambient Travelers’ objectives and by your special appearance, you are contributing to it with us!


What is Ambient Travelers ? 

An artist, a city, an atmosphere.

In each episode, we interview an artist who will tell us about him/her, a city, why he/she chose it and what it inspires him/her. Through his/her experience, his/her memories.

Then the listener will be able to discover an exclusive mix of ambient sounds selected by the artist, that is you.

In order to prepare the episode at best, we need some information from you, so please fill in the form below. You’ll then receive valuable information on how we’re going to work afterwards 😉


Podcast Format

Monthly – Released on the usual platforms (spotify/apple podcast…) on the first Wednesday of each month.

Total length 45 min to 1 hour (will depend on the exchange and the mix).

The webcam exchanges are now recorded to be broadcast on YouTube.

  • For the episode

  • For foreign artists, a translation will be done in post production to facilitate the understanding of the listeners.
  • Please allow 2 hours for registration. Please feel free to propose several dates, to let us know what times you are available, etc.
  • How to contact you

  • IMPORTANT: You will receive a summary document explaining the next steps and how we will work to prepare the recording of the episode.